So why choose Rheem?

The Australian pool heating market is highly competitive and volatile. Like never before, pool owners looking for heating solutions will find a myriad of brands and choices. About the only thing that can be guaranteed is that as long as you continue to look, you will always find something cheaper.

We understand the attractiveness of this but we prefer to do business in the old fashioned way.  We will look in detail at what you want to achieve.  We will present you with options.  We will look for the best option, regardless of price. We will seek a solution, not simply a sale. It is not one size fits all when you deal with a long-standing brand like Rheem that prides itself on its market reputation. We will treat your project as our own. We will be here for the long-term, providing support over the life of your heater.

We will evaluate every option and help you find which result best meets your needs in heating of the pool. We will be clear in outlining what assumptions are made to provide predictions on heating requirement and in expectations on heater performance. We understand local conditions and we understand that electricity and gas pricing varies by State.  The right solution in Melbourne may well be the wrong answer in Rockhampton, indeed we know it will be. We will give you all the information that you need to make a judgement as to what is right for you.

In providing advice, we bring years and years of direct experience in both how the product is built and how it will perform.  We understand the nuances of both gas and heat pump. We can talk directly to the factory technicians who build the unit or the engineers who design the product. We have sold this technology for a combined 60+ years.

Our sales staff are well known in the pool industry as experts in their field. We thrive on our reputation of providing high quality, professional advice. We work directly with Australia's leading aquatics engineers and consultants in the application of gas and heat pump solutions. In giving sizing advice, we rely on detailed heat load analysis using the UNSW Poolheat Program, used for some two decades by the Australian pool industry and having the ability to predict a pool's heating requirement to the hour based on averaged weather data for a host of weather locations around Australia. We want to help you with understanding this work as it is key to you selecting the optimal solution. The harder your questions, the more we like it.  We know that the deeper that you understand your choices, the more likely that we will become partners with you for the long-term.




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