Hot Water Heating

While our focus at Rheem Pool Heating is in the swimming pool market, the Accent heat pump is widely used for a variety of applications. Accent is clearly the leading Australian-manufacturer for medium to high usage heat pump hot water heating, up to 60°C.

Accent high temperature hot water heat pump applications have been made for uses such as hospitals, large office buildings, restaurants, carwashes, nursing homes, commercial laundries, hospital laundries, supermarkets, piggeries, abattoirs, gymnasiums, defence force bases, dormitories, hostels, clubs, mine sites and private residences.

Accent heat pumps are also used in agriculture (particularly for greenhouse hydronic heating) and aquaculture.

The Accent hot water unit is available in two series - Medium Temperature (up to 45°C) and Hot Water (up to 60°C).  These may be single or multi-compressor design. The capacity per unit ranges from 6KW to 300KW nominal heating output.

Our total flexibility in manufacture means that specialist applications are welcomed.  Likewise, Accent's major refrigeration laboratory allows to undertake a level of local product research and development that is unparalled in the Australian market.  This facility is located at the major Rheem manufacturing base at Rydalmere, NSW.

The outworking of this type of facility is that Accent unit can custom-designed to achieve maximum efficiency and output under the broad range of Australian conditions.  The Accent air-to-water heat pump in its standard design is characterised by being physically larger with a higher air flow requirement than competitor units.  This reflects our design intent to achieve the maximum heat transfer efficiency.  The impact of this to our clients is reduced electrical demand and lowered energy costs.

Likewise, Accent can respond to the broad spectrum of Australian ambient conditions.  Accent's "Cold-Climate" Series represents hours and hours of controlled testing at cold conditions in our laboratory.  Specialist changes in our evaporator design and de-ice mechanisms allow Accent to provide high efficiency at low ambients, broadening the potential use of air-to-water heat pumps to alpine and semi-alpine areas.  Where the prevailing conditions become too difficult, Accent is then able to move to water-to-water or ground-sourced design heat pumps.

We will be pleased to work with you to evaluate the potential introduction of high efficiency Accent heat pumps to your hot water project.

This "green" retrofit of an office building in Brisbane includes five Accent HW60 hot water heat pumps.

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