The Accent heat pump may be manfactured as heating only, reverse cycle heating and cooling or chilling only.

The reverse cycle Accent heat pump is most commonly used for swimming pool heating and cooling in tropical areas. The unit is switched manually from heating to cooling and vice versa, depending on the pool's needs. Operating the heat pump in cooling mode in tropical locations allows resort pools to be maintained at a refreshing temperature (say 28°C) where otherwise, the pool can rise to as high as 34°C simply from direct solar gain. The "Cool Pool" has proven extremely popular with hotel/resort guests for our clients and an increasing number of residential pool owners are selecting this option. Two of our reverse cycle heating and cooling projects are featured in the Case Study Section - Cable Beach Resort, Broome and the Bangkok Aquatic Centre.

The Accent chiller is typically manufactured at a range of capacity between 8KW and 20KW cooling capacity but larger units can be provided. Accent chillers have been used not only in resort or fitness club settings for plunge-pool temperature maintenance but also in manufacturing processes where a controlled cool water source is needed.



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