In addition to pool and spa heaters, Raypak also offers a range of accessory products to support its heating equipment.


Remote Controller - The Raypak pool and spa heater remote controller can be either surface or flush mounted, indoor or outdoors. By installing the remote control inside your house you do not have to go outside to operate your heater or check the water temperature. Easy to use push button controls make adjustment of temperature simple and allows for separate temperature settings for your pool and spa.


Flow Switch Kits - A Raypak flow switch is required when the location of the heater is either 1.0-meter higher or lower than the pool water surface. The pressure switch supplied with the pool heater may not operate correctly under these conditions. The flow switch is also an ideal secondary safety system that can be installed to protect your pool heater.

Flow Switch Kits

Dilution Fans - Dilution Fans (also referred to as Power Flues) are sometimes required for indoor or outdoor installations where there is no natural way of controlling venting of flue gas to a safe location or where there are high wind speeds or highly variable air pressures. The Raypak dilution fan can provide an option when the normal flueing of the heater is not achievable or may be visually obtrusive. The standard 6mVA fan is suitable for use with the standard domestic and premium range pool heater. Larger dilution fans are available upon request.

Dilution Fans

High Wind Top Kits - In some areas where high winds are frequently experienced it may be necessary to install a Raypak High Wind Top. Installation of the High Wind Top will assist proper flueing of the heater and improve operation. High wind tops are available for all models xcept the Spartan 131, Premium 127 and 167.

High Wind Top Kits

Indoor Hood Kits - All Raypak pool and spa heaters are built standard for outdoor installation. If the installation location is in a plant room an indoor flue kit is available as an option to convert the standard outdoor model to an indoor model. Heaters installed indoors must never operate in the standard outdoor configuration.

Indoor Hood Kits
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